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Ancient Wisdom Modern Medicine

“Journey of a thousand miles always starts with the first step.”

Who would have thought that a thousand year old holistic therapy, acupuncture, can heal a modern ailment such as Hay fever? Fortunately I am one among many who have benefited from it. Many people do not know the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture.  The World Health Organisation has published a report and stated many diseases (such as Asthma, Constipation, Depression, Gastritis, Lower Back Pain, Migraine, PMS etc.), that acupuncture help. You can access the research herewith:

Since I arrived at Holland many years ago from Hong Kong, I started to suffer from allergic rhinitis. I was on continuous medications for over 10 years and I did not feel quite myself under the influence of pills and injections. My colleague’s husband whose condition was worse got cured of hay fever with acupuncture.  Therefore I started my treatments.  Since then, for years now I have been free from any medication. You can’t imagine how happy I am.  I finally can fully enjoy the nature that the Netherlands gets to offer.

My own health recovery journey got me interested in TCM. Fast forwarding the story, I graduated with Cum Laude and have become a licensed acupuncturist in the Netherlands. Thanks to technological developments, it is fascinating to find out that CT Scan can show the acupuncture points and MRI shows what happened when acupuncture therapy was given.

Acupuncture is a safe, holistic and natural therapy.  It stimulates the natural healing capacity of our body. It balances the immune function and strengthens our physical and emotional health. Many clients having acupuncture treatments for the first time experience the deep relaxation and peace in additional to the therapeutic effects.

Our whole family approach to health has also shifted to more life-style oriented and preventive. And that is also the kind of advice that I would offer to my clients.

Clients are at the centre of the therapy I offer. My vision is about seeing clients blossom again despite the challenges that we face at different phases of our lives. Healthy clients make happy clients. Happy clients make healthy clients.  And I see myself also being part of this vision.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about TCM Acupuncture and how it may support your health and well-being. For those who want to read more examples about TCM Acupuncture, you can check out the resource links herewith:

Linda Chan
Licensed Acupuncturist at Blossoming Healthbeauty


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