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Leading people in Hospitality


De Visie van Ashish Gupta
Before I share my vision with you, I’d like to remind you of the “I have a dream” speech by Great Martin Luther King. He said, “We cannot walk alone…” No vision is ever fulfilled and achieved alone. Effective leaders need help from the people around them because ‘A Manager merely dreams but the Leader makes it happen!” My vision to run any business is made of 5 extremely important aspects, which I personally like to work with:

In my 23 years of managing people in hospitality, I have learnt the most by observing people around me. Observation is not merely a passive activity where you sit back and watch, but involves active engagement, dialogue and listening skills. A good leader is an active listener, asking the right questions and always open to a positive discussion. I’m forever improving my listening skills, which was initially a challenge because as a young hotelier I was more interested in putting my points across than listening to my peers. A good leader should always be an astute observer.


Look inside yourself and reflect on how your past events have shaped you and your personality. Sharing your life experiences with the team, not because you know the best but because you want them to learn from your past mistakes. Your past experiences shape you as a person. It’s important to remember your success, but more important is to reflect on your failures. Life experiences are the best teachers; always remember what you did when things didn’t work out your way. It’s ok to make mistakes, but it’s foolish to repeat them. So learn from your past errors and share the wisdom so as to coach your team in an informative manner.


Note taking is a very integral part of any business’ success. The so-called ‘light bulb’ moments aren’t very many, which is why it’s so important to capture them in your notepad. Ideas come and go but notes stay with us and remind us of those moments! No matter how big or small, how complex or simple, just jot your ideas down and reflect on them when you have more time in your hand in order to succeed in business & your life! Don’t rely on memory! Carry a notepad to a meeting, when out & about and even at home. Ideas don’t wait for you to be in your office to come in your head, they pop in at their own leisure and if not documented, can go out quicker than came in. Notes help you to plan your ‘journey’ and get you out of the black hole of ‘Uncertainty’. Successful leader Richard Branson once said, “Note taking is my favourite pastime”!Taking note

Communication is the foundation to any successful business and it needs it’s leader & the team not only to communicate but also to do it effectively or else it loses its importance. Effective communication is the most important tool in the hands of a leader. Don’t just talk – Articulate, Communicate and Motivate. Be honest in what you say and say it with the correct Body language, Tone of voice and the Right words. Always try to overcome the barriers to communication to work more collaboratively with your team. A good sense of humour also goes a long way to lighten up many challenging situations. As, the learned poet Maya Angelou once said “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh”!


My Life’s Moto – “It’s only ok to be ok but it is Great to be the Best”! ‘Faith can move mountains’, so believe in yourself and your team. Know where you are headed but more importantly, communicate the goals you want to achieve together. Share best practices so you can grow together and not just as an individual. As cliché as it may sound “there isn’t an ‘I’ in Team”! I’d like to end my vision and my story with the inspirational words by John F Kennedy – “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win”!

Be the best


Ashish Gupta
Head of Operations UK Heeton Hospitality International

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